Sometimes a simple white tee just won't cut it and that's where a graphic tee comes in.  There are plenty of ways to style a graphic t-shirt, of course, the most obvious one being the jeans and t-shirt combo.

But in my opinion a graphic tee can also be worn with a skirt or even a suit!  It all depends on how you style it and the kind of look you're going for.  You don't have to keep it casual!  Wear it tucked into a high waisted pencil skirt or with a tulle skirt and a leather jacket.

So next time you wear a graphic tee why not try something a little different?  Here are my top 5 picks.|208524%5D&bi=1&ps=200

All the t-shirts have been linked so you can find them easily.  I hope you like them.

Which one is your favourite and how would you wear it?  Tell me in the comments, would love to know :)