The Liebster Award!

So, you can probably imagine my surprise as a newbie blogger at being nominated to take part in the Liebster Award.  I've seen the badge on plenty of other blogs and always wondered when I would ever be able to get one too.  Thanks to Bèbhinn Aoibheann Faith Wynne Judge of A Judge Less Life, I now have a badge too!  Thank you for nominating me, it means a lot! :)
Bébhinn Aoibheann Faith Wynne Judge
Bébhinn Aoibheann Faith Wynne Judge

So what is the Liebster Award?  It's simply an award that is passed around the blogging community to help the smaller blogs get noticed and discover new blogs.

  1. Thank, name and link the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions given by the nominator.
  3. Nominate and link 11 other blogs who have less than 200 followers.
  4. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answers.
  5. Notify all nominees via social media.


1 | Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I knew it was something I would enjoy.  I've had two blogs before but never really did anything much past 2 blog posts.  It wasn't because I didn't enjoy it.  I just didn't know what to post and was a lot more lazy then too.  So after a very very long break from blogging and starting up my business I decided to give it another go.  My brain is always ticking away and I've always got all these ideas and things going on in my head.  So blogging, just allows me to share that with like minded people.
2 | What is your favourite song and why?
Well, I don't really listen to music so I don't have one.
3 | Do you believe in miracles?
Yes I do.  But miracles only happen to people who are exceptionally good.
4 | Do you want to get married one day?
I'm already married and very happy indeed :) x
5 | Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I know I'm going to be a lot older than I am right now! That scares me!  I don't really want to think about that.  But on a more positive note I think my blog will be much bigger and better.  Well, I hope so anyway.  I wouldn't mind this being my job really.  I think my business, Love Hijab, will be more successful and all the hours that I put into it will be well worth it.   
6 | If you could have a super power, what would it be?
I'd love to be able to click my fingers and everything that I'm thinking of in my head gets done. Mostly applies to housework, running errands and definitely the dishes!!
7 | Who inspires you? 
I don't know really.  Never really thought about it.  Just get on with it, I suppose.
8 | What is your greatest wish?
World Peace! I know it sounds like a 'Miss World' type of answer.  But I really wish we could all just get along and live together in peace, be happy and stop being selfish.
9 | Short hair or long hair?
I used to have long hair, very long hair.  Now it's short. So I want long hair again.
10 | What is your favourite brand?  It can be a fashion or beauty brand.
My favourite brand has to be Zara.  You'll find me waiting for the online sales and if I can't wait then I'll just buy it!  I love to buy for my two munchkins from Zara too, and everyone who knows me, knows I love Zara.
11 | What do you hope to achieve in 2015.
I hope to be a better person in 2015.  Improve in everything else that I already do.  I would like to give more and help others.  Smile more and be happy.


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1 | If you could move to any country where would you go and why?
2 | What's the last thing you ate?
3 | What would you do if you had to last an entire day without your phone?  This includes no social media.
4 | Name any 3 things you can't live without and why?
5 | Describe yourself using the first letter of your name.
6 | What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?
7 | If you were a Disney character who would you be and why?
8 | Tea or coffee and why?
9 | If you had to compare yourself to a biscuit which one would you be and why?
10 | If you had 90 minutes to live, what would you do?
11 | What is the most you've spent in one go?


1. Why did you start Blogging?
2. What if your favourite song and why?
3. Do you believe in miracles?
4.  Do you want to get married one day?
5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
6. If you could have a super power what would it be?
7. Who inspires you?
8. What is your greatest wish?
9. Short hair or long hair?
10. What is your favourite brand? It can be a fashion or beauty brand.
11. What do you hope to achieve in 2015?
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Bébhinn Aoibheann Faith Wynne Judge
Bébhinn Aoibheann Wynne Judge
Bébhinn Aoibheann Wynne Judge

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  1. Hey really enjoyed reading through your answers!! Loving your blog, new follower!!!

    1. Thanks for reading and following. Much appreciated xx

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  3. Thanks for nominating me! Loved your answers, didn't know you had a business? Love the little world map notebook, it's so cute!


    1. Thank you. Yes I run a business too, and love it even tho it's very tiring with 2 kids!! I think that notebook is perfect for bloggers so just had to have it in my store! :) xx

  4. Hello sweetie, I want to invite you to join my giveaway, you can win a lovely necklace! :) I hope you join and I hope you win, good luck! By the way Love this post!

    PS: I follow back

    Fashion gets Fierce Giveaway.

    1. Hi, Thanks for reading. Glad you liked it! Just had a look at the giveaway, cute necklace xx

  5. Zara is one of my favourite brands too! :)
    Girl in a Whimsical Land

    1. Great choice! I can't go into Zara and come out with nothing!! They always have the most amazing things and I love how well the clothes fit and last too. xx


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