So how many times have you wanted something and it's sold out?  I can tell you it's happened to me plenty of times.  Usually it's during the big old sales.  I've had my eye on something and before you know it, it's gone.  If you're anything like me, in the sense that if you see something you like, then you have to have it no matter what.  And you'll go to great lengths to see if you can find it anywhere else, then this post is just your cup of tea.

I'm going to let you in on a few little secrets of mine that have worked for me and I've managed to get what I want.  Of course, it doesn't always work every time but there's been plenty of times that it has.  So there's no reason why you shouldn't try!

If you want it, you gotta work for it, right?

Search Ebay

There are plenty of people who have bought clothing in the sales and end up putting it up on Ebay.  Usually this is a good place to start because chances are you might just find it here.  If you search straight after the sales and it's not there, then don't give up.  It's guaranteed to pop up in the next few days for sure. 

Search The Brand

If the item is sold out from a high street store like Topshop or an online store like Asos, you'll have noticed that they stock their own branded clothing as well as other brands.  If the item you wanted is of another brand then you might just be able to get your hands on it directly from the brand.  I always search for the brand name online.  Usually they have their own store too and I've noticed that it's a lot cheaper to buy as well.  I've managed to save upto £10 when buying straight from the brand.  Can't be bad can it?

See Other Stockists

It's worth having a look at the 'Other Stockists' section on the brands website.  You'll find some of the stockist online too and if they happen to have that dress or those shoes, then you're in luck.

Email The Brand

This is something I only just recently did.  I saw a dress on the Topshop website and unfortunately they had completely sold out.  Luckily the dress was by another brand and so after doing all the other steps above I decided to send them an email.  I wasn't quite sure whether they would have any more, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway.  See what happens kind of thing! And lo and behold I received an email telling me they had a Depop store AND they had the dress in stock AND it was available in all sizes too.  So that email was definitely worth sending!

Go To The Store

If all else fails then a visit to the store might be just what you need.  Who knows, you might just find whatever's on your wishlist along with something else just as pretty, if not better :)

I hope you find this post useful and let me know in the comments if you've ever done any of these to get what you want.


* Pic of the DIY Clothes rack is from Northern Delight