If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll see that I've made a board with some pictures of gorgeous looking work spaces.  I'm totally in love with them all and I'm always dreaming about having my own little space to work in.  It would be amazing to step into my very own office, close the door and just drift away into my work.

Here's an office that is my favourite space........for now.  I say for now, because I'm always changing my mind!  I know when I'm scrolling through Pinterest I'm going to find another one, and then another, and then another one, and........ It's never ending isn't it?  I never get bored of Pinterest! or should I say, I never get BOARD of Pinterest!  See what I did there?!

Anyways, let's get back to this dreamy office I want to show you.


I've linked the picture to the original post so that you can see all the other amazing rooms too.  I'm telling you, you're going to fall in love!

I thought I would use this dream office as inspiration to find items that are similar to the ones in this picture, so you can create this space for yourself, if you like.  I've added my own little twist too.

Acrylic Pen Pot | Muji
2 Pink Tea-Light Holders | H&M
Copper Table Lamp | Cox & Cox
Morrocan Leather Pouffe | Graham & Green
Cato White Desk | Habitat
Eyeshadow Cushion | H&M
Rug | Ikea
Fauk Fur Cushion | H&M
Peonies | John Lewis
 Ghost Chair | Ikea
Vase | Ikea

I hope you like it.  Let me know what you think.