I've been using Pinterest for a while now and absolutely love it!  If you've been reading my blog you'll know exactly how much, because you'll have read about it here.  I love to just pin everything, there's so much on there and I'm sure you will agree with me on that one too!

Just recently I've been pinning my own images.  I've never done this before but since I've started blogging I thought I would make use of this social platform to try and drive more traffic to my blog posts.

I first did this with my 50 Blog Post Ideas post and I noticed a lot of Pinterest users have been clicking the image linked to my post.  So when I was chatting away in one of the twitter chats about social media this week, the question 'how do you use Pinterest for your blog' kept popping up.  It's a bit difficult to explain everything in detail in just 140 characters so I decided to show you exactly how instead.

In this step by step guide I show you how to design a Pinterest friendly image and pin your blog post.

Let's get started!

Design A Pinterest Friendly Image

The first thing you're going to need is the image.  I like to use the first image I use for my blog post, but feel free to use any you like, as long as it relates to your post.

Now there are plenty of ways to add text over your image, the obvious one being Photoshop.  Unfortunately that's one thing that I can't get my head round so instead I like to use PicMonkey.  It's simple set up means it's very easy to use and there are a lot of features you can use to edit your image too.

I prefer to keep things simple to match my blog theme, but of course, you should feel free to do whatever you like.  So here we go!

  • Go to PicMonkey
  • Click DESIGN at the top
  • Click OPEN
  • Choose your image from your computer
  • Click the BUTTERFLY on the left to add an OVERLAY.  I chose GEOMETRIC
  • Pick your colour/s from the options on the right
  • I like to FADE out the OVERLAY shape.  This is optional

  • Click the Tt or TEXT button on the left menu to ADD TEXT

  • Type your text, preferably the title of your post
  • Pick your FONT.  I used GEO SANS LIGHT
  • Choose your text colour and make any other changes from the options on the right   

  •  When you are happy with your design click SAVE

  •  Type in a FILE NAME for your image and SAVE TO YOUR COMPUTER

And that's it!  Easy peasy! Now that your image is ready you can start pinning!!

Pin Your Blog Post

This is very easy to do too and once I show you how you'll just want to pin, pin, pin and pin some more!

There are a few steps to pinning your blog post because you want to make sure you link your image to your blog.  That's the most important thing because that's how you will get visitors to your blog through Pinterest.

Ok, so here we go!

  • Firstly you need to create a BOARD for your blog if you haven't already.
  • You can pin all your blog posts here and on any other relevant boards too.  You don't have to limit yourself to just one board.
  • Click ADD A PIN

  • Choose where you would like to add a pin from
  • Since we saved our image on the computer click YOUR DEVICE

  •  Time to UPLOAD YOUR IMAGE.  A few more steps and you're nearly there!

  • Choose your image that you designed for your blog post

  • Make sure you are pinning the image to the correct board
  • Remember to add a DESCRIPTION too
  • Click PIN IT!

  • Although you have pinned your image there's still one thing missing.

  • To LINK YOUR PIN TO YOUR BLOG POST click the PENCIL in the top right corner

  • Add your POST URL to the SOURCE bar
  • Your pin is now linked to your blog post!!

You know your pin is linked because at the bottom of your description it no longer says UPLOADED BY, instead it now reads PINNED FROM.  Everytime someone clicks your image they'll be paying your blog a visit too.

Click here to see it in action!

I hope you found this post helpful and easy to follow.  I've never done a post like this before and I really enjoyed it.  I'll try and do more in the future when I learn more new skills.  Like my daughter says....Sharing is caring :)

Don't forget to leave your Pinterest links for me to follow in the comments below.

By the way if you like the little pin cushion in the image you'll find it here in my store.

Happy Pinning!!