So as you all know one of my many favourite bloggers/youtubers is of course Lily Pebbles.  I've been watching her vlogmas throughout December, and if like me you have too then you'll be familiar with what she likes to call Brookies.  They're a cross between a cookie and a brownie and I had a go at making them today.

I love to bake and so I've been meaning to try these out ever since I first saw them on her vlog here.  Luckily I had all the ingredients so I had no excuse not to.  I made half of Lily Pebbles Chocolate Brookies recipe and that made 27.  They were very quick and easy to make and they taste amazing too.  Soft and velvety on the inside with a little crunch on the outside.

I had mine with a glass of milk, can't get any better than that!  I would definitely make these again.  But next time I'm going to make the full recipe because although 27 is a lot, it just wasn't enough and you'll know what I mean when you make them too.  So thank you to Lily Pebbles for introducing me to Brookies!