Last Post of The Year 2014

So this really is the last post for 2014.  As promised I managed to blog every single day of December.  Yes, it's been hard, as explained in my I Completed Blogmas post.  And now I kind of feel a bit lost.  I don't really know what to do.  I could keep blogging everyday because this is my blog after all.  But I don't know......

I started this blog in April and when I actually started it, I didn't really blog regularly.  I was pretty new to blogging and didn't know a lot about blogging at the time.  I'm still new at this whole blogging thing and I can't believe how much I've learnt just from blogging everyday.

So I thought the little quote above would go perfectly with todays post.  I can't believe how far I've come.  It takes a lot of time and effort and it's so rewarding.  But apart from everything else that goes with blogging, I love it.  That's why I've been in two minds about continuing to blog everyday.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments below.  You know I love reading them all.

What's your opinion?

Thank you for your lovely comments. Love, love, love reading them! :)

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