Blogmas Day #23 | How To Tie A Square Scarf

As you may know turbans are definitely in fashion at the moment.  You may have read about it here.  So I decided to have a look on the internet for any tutorials on how you can tie a scarf in different ways.  I came across this very simple, side swept, alternative to the traditional turban style.

All you need is a square scarf folded into a triangle and knotted beautifully on the side.  I think that with this style you don't have to be so perfect because it has that effortlessly chic look about it.  A quick and easy style that can be re-created by everyone.

Click the image above for more ways to learn how you can tie a square scarf in 20 more different ways.

We at Love Hijab have two gorgeous square scarves for you to try this gorgeous style.
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What's your opinion?

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Thank you for your lovely comments. Love, love, love reading them! :)

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