There seems to be a recurring theme here with my recipes recently.  They've all been chocolate ones!  We've had the chocolate covered fruit and the chocolate cake and now....chocolate truffles.  Can't be bad can it?

Todays recipe is super quick and easy too and it's from BBC Good Food again!!  I made Chocolate Truffles not so long ago and they were so tasty, soft and velvety, melt in the mouth chocolate dreams.  I covered them in chopped almonds, pistachios and chocolate flakes.

I think they make the perfect gift to take to a dinner party and also great for serving up after a lovely meal too!  These truffles make a very special gift, especially since they are handmade.

I've found this recipe to be very adaptable because you can use your favourite chocolate to make them too.  All the yummy goodness in one little bite!