As you may know I like to wear an abaya everyday and more recently also on special occasions too.  I actually have a large collection of evening wear abayas now and they're not the typical kind either.  I might even show you one day when I get a chance to take some lovely pics for you.

So today I thought I would put the spotlight on some of my favourite online stores that have the most amazing modest wear.  Instead of being bulky and baggy they're very stylish, elegant and absolutely gorgeous.  I often find myself just browsing all the collections and I'm always looking forward to seeing what's new.

Each of these stores has their own unique style and shows that covering up doesn't mean you can't look good either.  So here they are:

Aab Collection
This store has been around for a while, even before Instagram was around.  I know this because I came across Aab Collection way before I got married and I've been married six years now.  Back then I wasn't wearing the abaya everyday, but I was looking for one because I didn't have any. And I was going to make the trip of a lifetime to Makkah and Madinah.

This is probably one of the first stores that I came across online and felt there was something there that looked great and I knew I would wear.  Since then they have come a long way and what I love about Aab is that their abayas have such an elegant look to them, even the everyday ones!

Currently I'm loving this abaya, although there are plenty more that I like too.  I love this style, casual yet still very chic.  It's got that shirty look about it that hangs beautifully and would look great for the evening too.

What I think is brilliant about these kind of stores is that they have abayas for everyone.  So if you go out to work in an environment where you are required to dress smartly then you'll find something here.  And also new mums will be pleased to know there's something for you too.

Wearing modest clothes doesn't always mean you have to wear an abaya.  It just means you need to be covered in a respectable way so that you are not exposing parts of your body that should be kept under wraps.  So here at Inayah Collection you'll find plenty of shirt dresses, maxi dresses and abayas too in plenty of gorgeous colours and styles.

I love how Inayah Collection have taken modesty wear to a completely new level.  Their use of colour throughout their collection is so on point.  If you like adding colour to your wardrobe then Inayah has it all.  Colour, prints and textures.  It's all here.

One of my most favourite pieces from Inayah Collection has to be the Urbane Abaya.

I've always admired this one everytime I visit their website.  I like how it is longer at the back and just slightly shorter at the front, just enough to see your leggings peeking through and your heels on display.  It reminds me of the River Island cardigan in my November Wishlist. 

If you're getting married any time soon, you'll be pleased to know that Inayah Collection also have modest Bridal & Couture evening gowns too.

Barakah London
Now this one I came across by accident on Facebook a few years ago when I was only just getting interested in wearing abayas properly, as in out and about and on special occasions too.  I was looking for something different because I didn't want the typical type of abayas that we all used to wear.  Things have changed a lot since then and I'm so glad.  Everything I was looking at was the typical stuff until I saw Barakah London.  I was like 'Woah, I think I'm onto something here, looks like I've finally found what I''ve been looking for'.

Barakah london is run by two sisters who make all the abayas themselves.  That's what I love about these abayas, they're all lovingly handmade and you can tell how many hours have been poured into each design.  There's something so charming about a handmade garment.

It's so hard to pick a favourite because I love them all.  As well as abayas they also make stunning kimonos.  So if you want their abayas/kimonos then you have to be quick, because once you see their collections you'll realise why they get snapped up in no time at all.

I came across Biah whilst browsing the net for abayas.  As you may have noticed I seem to do that quite a lot!  But yes that's how I found this amazing store. 

What I noticed about their collection is that they have quite a few work wear abayas amongst plenty of everyday and occasion wear abayas too.  And I must say they look pretty smart too.  I wouldn't mind being seen in one!  They look very smart indeed.  But since I don't go OUT to work, I can only dream.

You may know that capes are IN this season and when it comes to abayas, capes are always very elegant and so beautiful.  I love how they flow behind you as you walk.  My favourite one is the Hafsa cape.  It looks stunning with the gold piping and gorgeous detail at the back.

To see the full picture, you'll have to pay Biah a visit by clicking the above image.  You won't be disappointed, I promise.  

I hope you liked todays post.  I'm always looking for new styles and designs so if I come across any more I'll do an updated version for you too.  And if you happen to know of any or you own a business selling modestywear leave your links in the comments below.  I'd love to see more.