Sometimes it's nice to wear something plain and simple.  It always looks beautiful, and even more so when the cut and the style of the dress you're wearing is just right too.

I personally love wearing plain outfits, especially if they're black.  But more because it means that I can wear my dress in more than just one way.  And I can also add different pieces to it to change the complete look from day to night.  I also get more for my money, can't be bad, can it?

One of the ways I like to add something special to my outfit is jewellery and usually it's a statement piece.  For me statement necklaces really stand out and I just love the diamonds and sparkle they add without being OTT.

So I've picked out some statement necklace from Love Hijab that look stunning and won't break the bank either.

 Oui Madame | £26

 Strut Your Stuff | £18

 Blushing Pink | £15

 Clash | £12

 Starlet | £10

     Style Bee | £12