So today I was just looking through a few of my favourite websites and as usual you always stumble upon something when you least expect it.  I was actually struggling to find something decent to blog about and just when I thought yes that's what I'm going to do, I found something else and all plans changed!

If you've been reading my blog right from the start, you'll know how much I love the gowns designed by Elie Saab.  So when I came across this dress on the Zara website I couldn't help but feel a bit of Elie Saab going on there.  And at only £39.99 it's a steal!  I think it would make a great dress to wear to a party.  And you can pretend you're wearing Elie Saab for the day too.

 Elie Saab // Zara
I know the Zara dress is not the same length, but with the subtle pleats and the ombre colour it still has a Elie Saab vibe to it.  What do you think?