I'm a girly girl and love everything that looks flowery and sparkles.  So you won't be surprised when I tell you that if I was invited to a party I would go for something that's been embellished with diamonds on it, even if it is all black!

But for those of you who dread having to get out of your comfy jeans and t-shirt, I've come up with a look that has a bit of girly glam to it, but with a casual edge.

I've teamed up a maxi dress with a leather jacket and boots to give this party look a different style.   I've also added a sparkly clutch so you can still look like you're dressed to party without looking like a Christmas tree!

Needle & Thread Constellation Maxi Dress | Asos | £185.12
Papin Leather Biker Jacket | All Saints | £385.00
Nashelle Gold Initial Necklace | Max & Chloe | $73.00
 Reiss Minty Beaded Evening Bag | Asos | £95.00
Olenalla Ankle Boots | Aldo | £100.00

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