Although I don't celebrate Christmas, I thought I would take part in Blogmas this year becasue ultimately it's all about blogging really.  I find it difficult to blog sometimes, even though I love it, I can get a little bit lazy or find it very time consuming putting a post together.

I have managed to blog for 7 days straight, but then after that it went a little bit down hill and I haven't been at all consistent.  

So I thought I would challenge myself to blog everyday during this month, which is what Blogmas is.  You don't have to blog about Christmas or any topic in particular, it's entirely up to you.  Which is great!

For me, taking part in Blogmas is really about how well I can do this.  I'm always thinking about it in my head but I want to push myself to actually do it.  Instead of imagining all the possibilities, I think it's time to actually put it into action and get the cogs in motion.     

So without further ado, let's get crack-a-lacking!

Good luck to everyone else who is taking part :)