Do you ever have those moments where you're just casually browsing the internet for nothing in particular and bam, just like that, something fantastic just catches you're eye?  Well, I had one of those moments today.  I think it has to be one of my most favourite finds.

I was just looking through Topshop online, as you do and here's what I found{1}~[black]&bi=1&ps=200

You might think it's just a dress!  But no.  THIS is not just any old dress.  This is THE perfect dress/abaya.  I say dress/abaya becasue I, like many of you am an abaya wearer.  I love wearing my abaya, especially since black is my most favourite colour and they are so comfortable.

But I do like to wear plain black maxi dressess and pass them off as an abaya.  Usually I'll cover up with a colourful cardigan and a printed maxi hijab to match.  The only thing is that they are almost always sleeveless which is why my collection of cardigans has grown so big and is still growing.

It's very rare to find a maxi dress on the high street that not only has long sleeves AND a high neckline but is stylish at the same time.  I just love the gold detail on this one.  It has just the right amount so it's not too plain but not too OTT either, making it simple and elegant.  It's perfect!

Honestly tho, I think it's the first time any high street store has made something that is truly modest.  And if Topshop or any other store were to keep bringing out more I would most definitely be the first one to add the lot to my wardrobe.  So thank you to Topshop.