For this very simple, quick and easy dessert all you need are 2 ingredients.  Fruit and chocolate! Oh and some edible glitter if you like.  It's the perfect way to end a lovely meal or even for a party.  And it's healthy too.

I chose to dip strawberries, cherries and physalis in milk chocolate because that's all I had in my cupboard, but feel free to use any kind of fruit or chocolate you like.  To add a bit of glam to my chocolate dipped fruit I put a bit of gold dust and sprinkled purple glitter on top.

Let the chocolate set before you do this.  You can put the dipped fruit in the fridge to set, or if the fruit is cold the chocolate will set without refrigerating.

Not only is this so easy but also tastes delish too and you can use different coloured glitters to match your colour scheme.  Especially if you're making these for a wedding or even birthday party.  Now you can impress you're guests and cut out the hard work.

Enjoy xx