Every girl knows that there are some things you just can't leave home without.  I must admit tho that there are times when I over pack my bag and I know I have, but I just have to take everything with me, just in case!  Most of the time I don't end up needing or even using, majority of what's in there, but it all comes along with me anyway.  So here, I've narrowed it down and made a list of top 10 essentials that are a must in every girls handbag!!


No matter where I'm going, I always need to take my purse with me, just in case I need cash for something.  I hate being without cash even if I'm not going shopping! You never know when you might need it!

Phone & Charger

Like many of you I can't live without my phone.  I have to be honest I hardly ever use my phone to make phone calls,but it's a great piece of technology, because when I'm out and about google is my best friend.  If I need to do a quick search, find the nearest place to eat or directions then my phone is the first thing I'll use.  Oh, and because I'm on my phone so much, the battery never lasts very long so I would definitely recommend investing in a portable charger.  Most definitely a true life saver!


Notebook & Pen

The trusty old notebook and pen will never become outdated no matter how advanced technology is these days.  These two besties are an essential in any handbag, and especially if like me you have a passion for blogging and making lists!


To keep yourself in check, of course!  No one likes to have any embarrassing moments, so a handy little compact mirror will save the day and make sure you're not walking around with something stuck in between your teeth!


If you're a glasses wearer then always keep them with you.  Without them the world becomes a complete blur and let me tell you it can get pretty embarrassing when you think you're waving at someone you know, only to realise that they're a complete stranger, who now thinks that you're some kind of weirdo!

Plasters & Pins

Plasters are a must have, especially if you're wearing new shoes.  Or even if you're going to be on your feet for a while, those pesky blisters can hit you just like that!  And when they do, a plaster sure does come in good use.
Pins are another must have that help to keep embarrassing situations at bay.  A quick fix with the trusty safety pin can help to keep things firmly in place.

Tissues or Wipes

Not just for a runny nose, let me tell you!  Tissues or wipes always save the day, plus there's always that one person who will ask you that dreaded question 'have you got a tissue?'  Whether its for wiping your hands, the seat or something off your shoe, tissues always have a place in my handbag.

Water & Snacks

There's nothing worse than going out and feeling peckish.  My concentration levels hit rock bottom when I'm feeling a little hungry, so a quick snack usually does wonders.  Now I know you're probably thinking why can't I just pop into a shop?  Well, I can.  But, if I'm in the middle of something and I already have a snack to fill me up then I'm good to go.


If you're going to be out all day then you need to keep mints or minty chewing gum with you.  There's nothing worse than smelly breath, so a handy little pack of mints will make sure you stay smelling fresh all day.

Lip Product

There's nothing worse than dry lips, so I recommend keeping a small tub of vaseline or any other moisturising lip product with you to keep your lips feeling hydrated.

What are your top 10 essentials you can't leave home without?  Let me know in the comments.

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