On Sunday 1st June, I woke up as usual not expecting anything at all.  Just another ordinary day...until I opened my inbox to find an email from the ever so lovely Juliana, the editor of Gaya Magazine, Singapore.  As you may already know, from my earlier post,  Love Hijab was featured in the April issue.

Love Hijab article in Gaya Magazine

When I started reading the email, I couldn't quite believe what I was reading!! Little old me was being invited to the Tea Party.  Really!? I thought.  They really want me to be a part of the Tea Party?  I didn't know what to do at first.  I still had to let it all sink in, and believe me it took a while for it to sink in.  But when it finally did, I managed to reply to Juliana and told her that I would be honoured to take part.

Once the email was sent there was no turning back.  This was such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of something on the other side of the world, right there in Singapore!!  And I was going to do my utmost best to make sure I got it right.

There was soo much to do and so little time, but I knew that once I plan it all out I'll get it done.  Firstly I was still in the process of working on redesigning my website, from the logo, to the pictures, I mean everything!! This included the packaging, business cards and leaflets too!!! I sure had my work cut out!  And all this had to be done before I sent the goodie bag treats from Love Hijab all the way to Singapore!!

With a few late nights and some extra hard work I managed to finish the Love Hijab website, got my business cards and leaflets.  Now it was time to pack everything together with all my new packaging and send it all off.

Goody Bag Treats for the Tea Party Guests

Giveaway Prize for One Lucky Winner

The next step was to make a video about me and my store.  Now this certainly was a challenge for me.  Firstly, I'm very camera shy, secondly I've never made a video before or even edited one!  So this was a whole new experience for me altogether.  But as  you know, I don't like to give up, I'll keep trying until I get it right.  So, with a a whole lot of thought, a little practise and tooo many hours of recording my own voice, I finally had the pieces to put together a video.


Still feels a little strange to listen to my own voice, but I'm happy.  I did something I never thought I would be able to do.  That's why I always say never give up, always try, because you never know until you do.  And, you'll be surprised by the result.

Here are a few pictures of the party.  Enjoy! 

The gorgeous winner of the Love Hijab lucky draw prize and of course the beautiful editor of Gaya Magazine, Juliana.

The first ever Gaya Magazine Tea Party 


Inside the goodie bag, can you spot Love Hijab? 
Our video about Love Hijab

 Photography by Hiddyx Photography

 Delicious Food

At the Rousse Cafe

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