As we all know the famous shoe designer of our time, Christian Louboutin, is well known for his signature red sole.  The red sole was the perfect finishing touch for a prototype made by CL. “I grabbed a bottle of red nail polish from my assistant and painted it onto the bottom of a shoe. That was the start of my trademark red sole,” says the famed footwear designer.

So it comes as no surprise that his first offering from Christian Louboutin Beauté is the Rouge Louboutin.  A timeless, vibrant red lacquer encased in a faceted glass bottle and topped with a tall slender cap, inspired by the tallest heel created by the designer, the Ballerina Ultima.

And now he says of the most recognisable sole "The Red Sole was born from red nail polish.  I am giving back to nails what the shoe took from the nails many years ago."

We'll have to wait till September for the launch of the 30 new shades in this range. Of the Rouge Louboutin, CL says “If there’s one nail shade a woman should wear, it’s this one.”  And at £36 for a single bottle this nail lacquer is certainly something special.