When I received my mail yesterday, I was expecting something very special to arrive.  I knew this because sister Nureha from Rainbow Quran had contacted me a few days earlier.   

I'm pretty sure everyone knows what the rainbow Quran is, but for those of you who haven't yet come across this beauty, it's a Quran available in many colours with small sections of the pages printed in the colours of the rainbow.

I chose the colour fuchsia, as I have gifted mine to my daughter and because she is such a girly girl, it's perfect for her in every way.


Although I've seen many pictures of the Rainbow Quran, I've never seen it in real life.  So when I opened the box and held it for the first time, it felt so new and amazingly soft.  The cover is a soft velvet and was lovely to hold.

Opening the Quran, my eyes were seeing such beautiful colours from pinks to purple, yellow to greens, and blues and more.  And what's more each colour was in many different shades too from light to dark. 

This Rainbow Quran makes such a beautiful gift for your loved ones and would definitely be appreciated.  As the month of Ramadhan is just around the corner, this is just ideal.  

To purchase the Rainbow Quran visit www.rainbowquran.co.uk
For enquires please email info@rainbowquran.co.uk
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